The Radio Flyer
The Radio Flyer
My Little Red Wagon

This is my little red wagon. A 1998 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT. 5 speed. AWD. 165 hp. Woo hoo! =^)

I bought this car new on November 20, 1997. I still smile everytime I look at it. =^)

I cannot say enough good things about this car. It handles very well, will get up and scoot, and it'll hold my family, my dog, and our gear while doing it. AWD is an amazing addition to a car. Where I've become accustomed to simply accelerating no matter the conditions, a drive or two in my wife's FWD Integra introduces me back to the world of fruitless wheelspin. Ask me for the best car(s) on the road, and I'll steer you to Subaru first.  =^)

Alas, I can't help but want to make a great car even greater. Plus, I fully desire to get into Autocrossing, so there are some modifications that are almost automatically needed. But, you are also limited in what you can do and still keep your car in the same stock class. What a great way to keep me from spending money I don't have!!

    Performance mods I want, and would still stay 'Stock':
  • Amsoil High Flow Air Filter This alone should be good for about 8 horses.
  • KYB AGX struts These are adjustable, and since you can't add a stronger anti-roll bar under SCCA Stock rules, they really help make up the difference.
  • Racing tires on spare 16" wheels Racing rubber is said to drop your times more than any other mod (save for changing the driver with someone good).
  • Strömung exhaust It may be only be good for a couple horsepower, but, man, it sounds sweet!
  • Racing Harness As long as I'm racing, I should really be strapped in. Any harness I'd add would be easily removable for the rest of the time when it's our daily driver.
    Performance mods I just want:
  • Either a supercharger (from Rimmer Engineering) or a turbocharger (from Minnam Racing). Improve the car's hp from 165 up to the 230hp range... 8^) Either way, I'd have to have an intercooler [just to make my hood scoop functional. ;^) ] Sigh.
    Of course, with all that added power, a new, stronger clutch is going to be necessary.
  • (Until the car's force-fed) an Underdrive Pulley This replaces the main accessory drive pulley with a smaller, lighter one. It frees up some horsepower by spending less of the engine's power on the accessories.
  • Some good lowering springs. Eibach. Ground Control. Just make the car's stance a bit more aggressive. Maybe stiffen the springs slightly, too.
  • 18-20mm Anti-Roll Bar As long as I'm no longer SCCA stock, I may as well add the handling bit that so many are raving about...
  • Catz XLD Fog/Driving lights. No, these don't have any effect on SCCA racing. It's just that the stock fog lights are awful. They light up nothing except the bit of dark road between what you see of the hood of the car and where the headlights start. The Catz lights are a dual driving and fog light (either or), and have excellent lighting qualities.
    As the lights would leave a gap in the opening for the factory fogs, I'd put in brake ducting to keep the brakes cool. Sure, I'd likely never need it, but a)if I do, it'll be there; b)it's kinda trick!
  • What the heck, 17" Wheels and Tires As long as I'm listing fantasy stuff... Bigger wheels and lower profile tires. 8^) Trouble is, the stock wheels look damn good already.
    Cosmetic Upgrades I'd Like:
  • Tinted Windows. A nice tint job would look sweet!.
  • Painted Brake Calipers I was originally thinking of doing this in red (tres sporty), but, then got to thinking that that may wind up being a bit of red overkill. So, I'm thinking a gloss black. With 'Subaru' written on the caliper in white... That oughta show from behind the wheels. And look good doing it. =^)
  • Painted Spoiler and Rocker Panels They are just black ABS plastic from the factory. Getting those painted in 'Rio Red' would sweeten the looks.
  • Carbon Fiber Trim The stock trim is a rather fake looking wood around the window switches. I think that some nice fake carbon fiber would look pretty sweet. Maybe surrounding the gauges
  • White Faced Gauges Some people complain about them being harder to read... I think that they look great! White on black is sooo overdone. ;^)
  • Remove Amber Reflectors from Corner Lamps Yeah. That's approaching Rice, but the all-clear corner does look good. I'd replace the amber reflector with white ones (from a bicycle), so I wouldn't lose the functionality.
    Current Mods and Personalizations:
  • Red Subaru Badge A sporty touch. Looks similar to the STi badge. It's a do-it-yourself job I did. Painted it Rio Red (of course!).
  • 'Radio Flyer' decals (Little red wagon. Radio Flyer. Get it?) I had them custom made at R-Speed, a car shop specializing in Miatas. I drew the graphic in MS Paint, and gave them the bmp, and they cut it for me. I mounted 'em on the back side windows of the wagon.
  • Radio Flyer Hot Wheels car on dash I made a little mounting plate for it out of flat-black painted plastic, then attached it to my dash with velcro.
  • Removed Roof-Rack Crossbars I still hate the fact that the GT wagon was unavailable from the factory without a roof rack. X^b   I do admit that the rack has come in handy, and putting the cross-bars back on only takes about 5 min. But having them off does streamline the car...

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